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Decorating Tips from Justine

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Looking to personalize your home? Want to maximize your living space? Searching for that creative edge?’s personal interior designer, Justine Germain has been asked to provide you with some simple yet effective tips on how to make your apartment or home stand out from the crowd:


Always be sure to select articles that you haven’t seen before. The worst thing that can happen is someone saying “Hey, I recognize that piece. I have the same one at home….so does my uncle, my sister, my cousin twice-removed, her optometrist….” get the point?
“I’m not saying you can’t shop at mainstream furniture stores,” says Justine, “Just try to buy the more unique items there. Don’t go for the cheapest or the most common.”

Add Color

Whether it’s vibrant colour accents or painting an entire wall, adding colour can really change the personality of a room. “Painting a wall with just the right colour can completely change the whole feeling of a room”, notes Justine, “but be sure to pick colours you won’t get tired of, take your time and think it through.” Justine strongly recommends taking home paint samples to try on your walls. “Colours may appear beautiful in the store but the layout and lighting of your home is going to be completely different meaning the colours might look nothing like that on your wall.” Paint samples usually run around $4 and are well worth the price before buying a full-sized can.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a larger space. “The larger the mirror, the larger your space will appear,” says Justine, “and you don’t always have to use traditional mirrors.” Justine also recommends using mirrors that you can’t necessarily see your reflection in, “Different shapes creates a unique personality and even though you can’t see yourself in it, it still reflects light.”

Play with Light

Lighting can make all the difference with a room. Not only the amount of lighting but the placement of it can make or break an ambiance. Even a simple dimmer switch can help you vary the mood. “Don’t be afraid to play with light,” says Justine, “Try different lights, intensities and positions, all these things can make a huge difference.

Glass Furniture

Try using glass furniture for certain pieces, especially for a smaller apartment. “Glass furniture has a much less dominant presence in a smaller space, giving it a more open, breathable feel,” notes Justine, “plus, it’s a great alternative to traditional wooden furniture.”

Don’t Forget Your Walls

Walls are a great way to save space and add a personality to your room. “Shelving, wall decorations, paintings, get creative”, notes Justine, “people tend to not think about walls when they’re decorating a space but it’s a key element.


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