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Decorating your corporate apartment for Christmas

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Just because you’re away from home, or between residences at the moment – doesn’t mean you can’t get cozy and festive this holiday season. Our luxurious furnished apartments are tastefully decorated (many with our signature line of furniture) but we are more than happy for you to put your own stamp on them – whether you’re staying for a week or a year. Here are some great ideas to bring christmas home with you in the coming month:



real tree: An 8-foot tree might not be the most ideal scenario if you’re staying for a short while over the holidays, but many local markets will offer smaller versions – many of which are still potted, so you can enjoy them into the new year. If you can’t manage an entire tree, go for pine or fir branches arranged in vases, or even wrap some tinsel around a large green plant and top with a star!

Twinkling Lights: Tiny, twinkling truly embody the Christmas season and will make your place feel both intimate and magical. And if you’re yearning for the Christmassy feel of a real fireplace, try adding an assortment of candles to a try, or place them inside mason jars for a flickering feeling of warmth.

Cozy accents: Warm, cozy blankets, cushions, throws and even rugs will really make your place feel like home for the holidays. Go for faux fur for a decadent look, or soft wool blankets for a traditional feel. Drape throws over the sofa and across beds, and cover the dining table with a tasteful Christmas tablecloth or runner.

Sumptuous Scents: Smell is one of our most powerful senses, and the right scent can transport you back home, and surround you with positive emotions. Add some candles with pine, cinnamon or apple spice, or go all out and boil up some mulled wine – it’ll fill your apartment with comforting Christmas flavours – and it’ll warm you right up from the inside!