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Inside has always tried to be innovative in every facet of our business. Today we are excited to tell you about four new policies that represent a whole new approach to corporate housing. CEO Vladimir de Suàrez first introduced the four new policies at a meeting with some key customers last month, where they created quite a stir.

Today is thrilled to announce the first of four new innovations to our business practices: waives notice to vacate.

What we changed:

Breaking new ground for the industry, de Suàrez has unveiled a brand new policy: waives notice to vacate for all Canadian corporate accounts. This means guests no longer need to provide 14 days notice when they have to move their departure date ahead. No one else in the industry is doing this right now and we are very excited to finally be able to talk about this brand new innovation in the way we do business.

Why we changed:

When first started out, we required a minimum of 30 days notice when a guest intended to vacate a property. After being in business for a few years, we realized that a month notice was inconvenient for our guests so we reduced the time to 14 days.

A minimum notice to vacate of at least 14 days is standard for the corporate housing industry, but we were still noticing that our customers were being inconvenienced so we changed the standard!

We want to offer more flexibility. Our focus is the satisfaction of our customers, and the details of managing our inventory should not have any impact on our offering flexibility to our guests.

What this means for you:

  • We understand that sometimes things can come up unexpectedly, you can expect zero fees or penalties for having to leave your apartment early.
  • Industry standard is a minimum of 14 days notice to vacate, but you don’t have to worry about that if things come up.
  • Increased flexibility and ease of booking for HR and relocation professionals organizing accommodations for their employees or clients.
  • This policy is available for all clients with Canadian corporate accounts. Only applies to club properties.
  • No worries about penalties or fees when you have to change your plans at the last minute!

“ is confident that if a client vacates without much notice, we will be able the rent the space again quite quickly, and even if there is a small cost, we would prefer to be the ones to incur the cost, rather than inconvenience our customers.” Said DeSuarez following the announcement. is dedicated to the convenience of their clients. We understand that nowadays, people relocating need more flexibility in their accommodations. By becoming more knowledgeable on how we manage our inventory, we are able to offer more flexibility to our customers.

The industry standard of 14 days seems to be a standard from the past, where some corporate housing providers were not using today’s technology to optimize their occupancy rates and RevPar. At we are using our past stats, current trends, and other tools developed internally to optimize future revenues, allowing us to act fast in the case that we have last minute availabilities due to a cancellation or early departure of our guests. waiving the notice to vacate is just one of four new policies for a company that is rethinking the way corporate housing opperates. Stay tuned for these exciting new developments!