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Introducing the New “C” Club Program: An Interview with Steve Ouimet


This fall and winter is bringing exciting new changes to! New buildings, new apartments, new programs, and new hires are all going to be announced. Today I am thrilled to introduce our new Manager of Operations Steve Ouimet who is working around the clock to roll out our brand new benefits program the “C” Club!

The “C” Club Rewards Program:

  • Join the “C” Club after your first stay with
  • No membership fees!
  • Receive membership benefits like free upgrades! (Upon availability)
  • Accumulate points towards free stays!
  • Use points in the boutique and more!

I had a chance to sit down with Steve Ouimet and ask him about the new “C” Club Program, and what it means for customers.

Monika Schmidt: I heard that was starting a new loyalty Program called the “C” Club, can you tell me a little bit about it?

Steve Ouimet: Of course! “C” Club is all about the guest experience, rewarding the loyalty of our guests with concrete, immediate benefits! our goal is to create an unique experience that sets our guest’s satisfaction as the main priority.

The “C” Club was developed as a “stepping stone” towards this goal.

MS: How do you join the Club? How does one become eligible for the Club Program?

SO: After their first stay with, guests are sent an email thanking them, and giving them the option of providing feedback if they choose. They will also receive an invitation to join our club simply by filling out a questionnaire with some basic information.

To be eligible for the club guests will have stayed at least once with us in any of our locations. Ideal candidates for the “C” Club program are clients who travel often to any of our cities for work or leisure, who enjoy consistent quality of service while they travel and would like to be rewarded for their loyalty.

MS: What kind of rewards can our recurring customers expect from the Club Program?

SO: The Club members will be offered free upgrades and free late check-outs (depending of course upon availability), as well as gift certificates to our boutique, merchandise and other goodies, not to mention Club Points that will be accumulated towards free nights at any of our worldwide locations!

MS: How does the “C” Club Points Program work?

SO: The more you stay, the more points you get! It’s really as simple as that!

Accumulate the points and then exchange them for free nights, concierge services, or goodies in any of our luxury apartments worldwide.

MS: Once you become a Club member, how long does membership last?

SO: For as long as the guest wants! There is no expiration date on good customer service!

MS: What are the advantages of being a Club member?

SO: There are nothing but advantages! We offer all the previously mentioned  benefits, there are no charges to become a member, and you don’t have to wait forever for benefits to kick in, like you do with some airmiles programs where it can be tricky to get the benefit for your bucks!

The benefits start right away with the “C”Club!  You join – you earn!

MS: What kind of changes does the Club Program mean for

SO: It means valuing guest fidelity, and acknowledging that in today’s competitive market the guest experience has to be at the center of our business. Rewarding our returning guests is our way of saying thank you for choosing us!

This positioning will allow to continue to live up to and rise above its reputation as an innovative Company!

MS: Are there any other big changes coming to that you can tell us about now?

SO: Well, I don’t want to give anything away, but we are in the process of furnishing our new apartments with an exclusive signature collection especially designed for ensuring our guests’ complete comfort represented with a beautiful contemporary design.


To find out more about our “C” Club program, do not hesitate to get in touch! A representative is always available by phone, or you can simply tweet us, chat with us, or connect on Facebook! Stay tuned to hear more about what is cooking up next!