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Corporate Housing is rolling out a brand new barter program that will offer an alternate way for freelancers and small businesses, or start-ups with limited resources to fund corporate housing. is now inviting individuals to barter goods and services for their stays. The program’s ultimate mission is to build strong relationships.  “We want to build relationships in our community with everyone, not only with big corporations. I believe anyone should be able to stay in our apartments, even though they are high-end and upscale. Our average occupancy always leaves some space for last-minute guests and we would love to invite start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other interesting people to try our services. ” says Vladimir de Suarez.

The new program is in step with the company’s leading-edge approach to corporate housing.’s CEO De Suarez encourages innovative thinking in every facet of his business: “My hope is that this program opens up new possibilities for creating relationships with dynamic people and inviting new industries and ideas to the table. We’ve already had some success informally working with artists and journalists in exchange for stays. I’m excited to see where this program takes us!”

The barter program is designed to invite creativity and collaboration. Already the company has seen success bartering informally with car rental agencies, restaurants, spas, artists, and journalists, so the decision was made to make the option available to everyone. Examples of how the program might work to everyone’s benefit range from beautiful visual art created especially for to creating an opportunity for a cleaning person to exchange work hours for a vacation home in Miami.

The barter program is straightforward, interested parties are asked to submit a proposal including what they would like to barter and what they would like in return. Proposals will then be reviewed by the CEO of directly and an agreement to the satisfaction of both parties will be worked out. Luxury corporate housing has never been more accessible!