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Chow down! What to order in Panama City

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On a business trip or vacation in Panama City? Got the old rumble in your stomach,? Man, are you in the right place. This culinary city has an awesome selection of traditional dishes, sure to fill you up and leave you satisfied. But what to order?  Let us take you gently by the hand through each mealtime of the day:

Breakfast: Breakfast in Panama is the perfect time to find something really tasty. The most common choice is going to be impossibly fresh fruit, available almost anywhere and really well-priced. You can find several exotic fruits, such as passion fruit, pineapple, mango, and papaya on streets all over the city. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, Bistek Picado is a great choice. It’s basically Beef prepared with a special carribean tomato-base sauce, onions, garlic, and paprika. Keep an eye out for this one, it’s super popular among the locals.

Lunch: If you’re on the run and looking for a quick meal, you should definitely grab a couple of empanadas; tortillas stuffed with any combination of potato, meat, and cheese. You can find them at roadside stands. If you’re not in a hurry, seafood is a great choice. There’s a huge variety to choose from, including sea bass, lobster, and more!

Dinner: If you’re a fan of soup, try out Sancocho, a traditional Panamanian soup that is popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s packed with chicken and typically veggies, and mixed with rice. Ceviche is a delicious idea as well, a very common dish of raw fish, soaked in a lot of lime juice, and mixed with cilantro, tomatoes, and onions, typically with side of tortilla chips. A little too fishy for you? Take a shot and order some Gallo Pinto, a delectable mixture of beans, rice and pork.