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Celebrate Valentines Day – Even on a business trip!

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If your better half cares about you enough to tag along on a business trip this month – then you’re going to have to make an extra special effort on the 14th. Dinner and flowers might cut it at home, but when you’re on the road it’ll take a little more imagination and effort. Here are a few ideas to get you started, feel free to make them your own!

Take a look at tours

One of the perks of being away from home for Valentines day is that you get to discover a new place together. Tours are great for this – and come in so many guises; food tours, historical walking tours, bike tours, ghost tours, graffiti tours, and backstage tours at theatres, opera houses and historic buildings. Oh, and don’t think that the cold is an impediment – in chilly Montreal, for example, you can catch a “mulled-wine and torchlight” showshoe tour up Mont Royal on the evening of the 13th, and further north in Mont Tremblant, you can find husky dog sledding trips!

Add some pampering and relaxation

Male or female, young or old, everyone likes a little TLC, and especially if it’s not something you’d normally splash out on. Look for local spas, or salons that offer massage and body treatments. If you’re hoping to linger for the entire afternoon, then try to find somewhere with a “thermal circuit” which has lots of baths of different temperatures, and usually features relaxation rooms and couples massage experiences. If you’d rather stay in, ask your concierge for in-suit masseuse recommendations.

Don’t forget dinner

You can get creative here – think dinner in the dark or a great dinner show. Google “alternative dining” for the city you’re in and see what comes up – or mark a few interesting spots on a map and create your own food tour. If you’re lucky enough to be in South America or Asia, you could spend an entire evening discovering the local street cuisine.

Throw in some culture

And you’re not restricted to galleries and museums here. How about a sports game? If you’re in the big apple you might want to get tickets to the New York Knicks, or feel the rush of an ice-hockey game in Boston. You can check out local theatres in most cities for everything from ballet to breakdancing, or see if there isn’t a stand-up comedy bar in town. If your partner loves art you could go gallery hopping, or if you’re in warmer climes, look for the local botanical gardens or conservatory. Even better if you can find a planetarium, so you can gaze at the stars without having to pack a blanket and handwarmers.
Hopefully our short list has inspired some creative ideas, but if you’re still stuck, just pay attention to the things your lover loves, and build your day around that! Whether your special someone is a fan of shopping, yoga, animals, music or books, there’s bound to be a related activity at your destination – a little digging goes a long way!

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