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Corporate Stays Is Organizing An End Of The Summer Giveaway Week!

Summer 2020 is almost over, and fall is right around the corner. Without doubt, this summer has been out of the […]

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Prepare Your Wishes Because Thousands Of Shooting Stars Takeover The Sky This Week

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight: I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.” Corporate Stays is here to help magic happen. […]

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Stay Now Pay Later : Corporate Stays Is Accommodating Your Travel Needs

Many individuals are hesitating to travel due to the increased costs of accommodation and airfare. Therefore, Corporate Stays is aiding […]

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Citizens Of All Countries Can Now Travel To Egypt For Business & Pleasure

Egypt is one of the first countries to completely lift all travel restrictions. According to The International Air Transport Association […]

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Casa Suárez Is Now Operating Online In Canada

Casa Suárez is one of the five sister companies of Corporate Stays. It specializes in modern and contemporary exotic wood […]

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Announcing The Launch Of Our Sister Company : Embera Collection Boutique Homes

Built on more than 15 years of experience in housing solutions, Corporate Stays has officially launched Embera Collection, a eco-friendly […]

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France Has Lifted Its Travel Bans & Corporate Stays Can Accommodate Your Travels

Many countries are slowly starting to lift their travel restrictions. As of July 1st 2020, France has lifted its travel bans […]

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Dreamy Corporate Stays Apartments Revealed In Mexico & Turks and Caicos

This week Corporate Stays is revealing new apartments in buzzing central Mexico, and on a Caribbean island of paradise Turks […]

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Alexander Apartments: New Luxurious Montreal Units Added To Our Signature Collection

Corporate Stays takes prides in its Signature Collection apartments. Therefore we’re always excited to add new properties to this list! […]

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Shopify CEO Thinks «Canada Is Awesome » And Proposes Employees Relocate There

It’s no secret that Canada has an admirable reputation around the world. What’s there not to love about this country? […]

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Corporate Stays Unveils Exotic Range Of Apartments In China

Corporate Stays is spreading its reach to cover many locations in China. With fourteen new apartments in eight major cities […]

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employee working from home

Corporate Stays Employees Can Now Work From Home

Corporate Stays has announced its transitioning into a 100% work from home company by July 2020. It now gives all […]

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