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You know that moving into a new home often involves many individuals working together

Delayed Moving Day? Here´s a Housing Solution for You

The emergency of COVID-19 has affected the way we all do our daily activities like a moving home day. In this note, find a solution for a delayed moving day.

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Health organizations recommend that workers should wear eye protection, gown, and gloves.

How Can Health Care Workers Protect Themselves and their Families?

These are some of the preventive measures implemented to reduce the contagion risk on health care workers and their families.

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Google meet is a tool to hold video conferences and online meetings.

Digital tools to keep your business working during Coronavirus

Some companies have decided to implement work from home because of the coronavirus crisis. So they need efficient tools to allows the continuity of the processes. In this article, we tell you some of the digital tools you can use.

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A working space must be comfortable and free of distractions.

How Renting Personal Spaces can Benefit You and Your Local Communities?

Today we tell you why renting a furnished and serviced apartment as your personal space for work is beneficial not only to you, it is also a great way to support local businesses.

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working from home tips during covid-19

7 Tips to Boost Your Productivity At Your Home Office

Working from home needs an extra dose of organization, discipline and staying focused, but you must also know that it could turn into an amazing experience. Here, we tell you some tips to successfully work from home.

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Brossard is a city for both outdoor lovers and cultural enthusiasts.

The Guide You Need Before Your Trip to Brossard

If your next business trip is to Brossard, you need to know some facts about this destination. This city has many things to do. In this note, you can find the best guide you need before traveling.

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Enjoy an eye-opening film at the museum's seven-story IMAX screen in the Canadian Museum of History.

Must Visit Attractions During Bleisure Trips in Gatineau

Gatineau is located across the Ottawa River and near to Jacques-Cartier Park. You’ll find the best museums, parks and many activities to do. If you travel for business, you can explore these attractions during your free time.

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Companies have many benefits from working with their diverse counterparts.

Tips to Manage Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams are a new workforce. They include people from different countries, cultures or ethnic groups and work for the same purpose. In this note, we tell you some tips to manage them.

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It's important to choose the best time to do your relocation.

How to Successfully Manage Employee Relocation

Employee relocation is an important tool for companies’ growth. Then, your company cannot start relocating employees without having a plan, even less without considering some factors like costs, budget, staff welfare, and company culture.

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To attract Gen Z talents you need to create a balance between online and offline workplace communications.

How the Entrance of Gen Z Will Reshape the Workplace

Generation Z is changing the workforce in the world. This generation is realistic, independent, digital natives and global citizens. Know more characteristics about gen z in this note.

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If you are in Kanata with your family must go to one recreation complex.

Family Activities You Should Do During your Trip to Kanata

Kanata is an important suburb in Otawa, It has many things to do and see with your family. Today we tell you about how can enjoy different things in this place.

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You have to make sure your current business runs smoothly.

Tips for Managing Multiple Business Locations

When moving to other cities, even countries, it’s important to make sure you know how to properly manage multiple business locations. Here, learn how you can do it.

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