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Top 5 Tips for Successful Business Meetings in Calgary

Thanks to a boom in oil, Calgary has recently, and rapidly, become an important business hub for Canada. The city […]

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Packing Tips: How to Save Space and Bring Everything You Need

We’ve gathered up some smart packing tips during our time in the travel and hospitality industry. From years working with […]

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How to Celebrate American Thanksgiving in Canada

American Thanksgiving¬†comes a full month and a half after Canadian Thanksgiving. As a result, the gap between the two holidays […]

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Business Tourism: How to Make the Most of your Next Business Trip

Business Tourism is on the rise lately, and it is not hard to see why. The economy is becoming increasingly […]

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Information Security for Business Travellers

As our world becomes more connected than ever, information security is becoming more and more important to businesses. It is […]

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It’s Friday the 13th! Here Are the Top Travel Superstitions from Around the World

In honour of Friday the 13th, we have compiled a list of the top travel superstitions from around the world. […]

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Celebrating Thanksgiving Away from Home

If you travel often for work, you may find yourself celebrating Thanksgiving away from home. It is a difficult holiday […]

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Top 3: Tips for Fall Business Travel

Friday, September 22, 2017, marks the official beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The kids have returned to school […]

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Tips for Handling the Top Business Travel Problems

Going on a business trip soon? Like most travelers, you are probably feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. Whether […]

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Top Spots for a Breakfast Meeting in Montreal

Typically, business meals are a lunch. Sometimes they are a simple coffee, or even a full-blown dinner, but there is […]

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What You Need to Know About Le Shaughn Montreal

There is no place like home, but if you are traveling to Montreal, Le Shaughn Montreal just might be the […]

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Top 5 Tips for Montreal Business Meetings

Setting Montreal business meetings can be tricky. Montreal is not the most populous city in Canada; that title goes to […]

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