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Business Trip to Quebec City? Activities to Add to Your Schedule

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Located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City flaunts an easy European charm, beautiful architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes. With fun and activity planned for all seasons, Quebec City is a true gem just waiting to be explored!
Standing as the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec, it is home to many famous landmarks and historic sites in the country. Get a taste of French Canada and all it has to offer. Here are a couple of places you must visit:


Stroll down winding, cobblestoned streets in this historic neighbourhood of Quebec City. Visit the Chateau Frontenac, the world’s most photographed hotel, and take the old funicular down to the Lower Town. Bustling with horse-drawn carriages, charming cafés, quaint boutiques, art galleries and a general old town feel, it is no wonder that Vieux Quebec is deemed a world heritage site!


Take a peep into aboriginal culture and tradition through the Huron-Wendat First Nation, and embark on a journey that will transport you back four centuries! Visit the ancestral site of Wendake, where dancers and craftsmen will whisk you away to another world with stories and tales of their culture. Sample traditional Huron foods, and get lost in the picturesque surroundings set by Rivière Saint-Charles.

National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec

Housed in Quebec City’s Battlefields Park, the National Museum of Fine Arts hosts collections across three beautiful and historic structures. One among them, the Charles-Baillairgé pavilion was the city prison up until 1970, and still contains a few inmate cells! Discover Quebecois art and artists along with over 37,000 works from the 17th century!

Plains of Abraham

Located in the heart of Quebec, this park is known to be one of Canada’s most important and prestigious city parks. Also called Battlefields Park, this grassy expanse is the scene of battle between the French and British empires in the 18th century. This fine urban park is the perfect place for outdoor activities such as cycling and picnicking, and also hosts music concerts from time to time!



Place Laurier Quebec

No trip is complete without some retail therapy, and Place Laurier brings you the best of both, international brand names and local boutiques, for your buying pleasure! Go through all three floors of the largest shopping mall in Eastern Canada for a thrilling shopping experience. Remember to claim your visitor’s discount booklet for even better deals!



 Valcartier Vacation Village

Known as the largest winter playground in America, Valcartier Vacation Village is fun for everyone! At only 20 minutes from downtown Quebec, this winter wonderland has a range of activities from snow slides, mechanical lifts, to ice karting and ice skating. And after an action-packed day, indulge in a tasty Fondue to re-energise!

St. Lawrence River & Vieux-Port de Québec

The St. Lawrence River is the Gateway to America and cuts a prominent presence across Quebec. Bike along the idyllic Vieux-Port de Quebec where hundreds of cruise and cargo ships that add a hustle and bustle of activity and life to this majestic waterway. Explore the public market nearby, and visit the Aquarium du Quebec which presents the marine life that inhabits these waters as well.

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

If outdoor activity is what you enjoy, then Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is your open air sanctum. Revel in scenic hiking trails, kayaking and fishing in serene waters and camping in spectacular surroundings in the summer, before taking in a different snow-covered sight all together. Quebec City’s “green crescent” is a truly magical place to see.
With year round fun at every occasion, Quebec City is a thriving centre for both indoor and outdoor activity! These are just some places you should explore before you stumble upon thousands more!

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