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Business travel to Montreal, Tips for the Savvy Traveler

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Montreal is a multicultural city with an economic landscape as diverse as its world-class restaurants. Most individuals doing business in this international city will be accustomed to different cultures and habits, but a few tips on Montreal business etiquette will go a long way to smooth out any misunderstandings. we’ve gathered our most useful etiquette tips for business travelers staying in Montreal.

Be respectful of language differences

French is the language of business in the Canadian province of Quebec, this is also the case in the cosmopolitan and multicultural city of Montreal. If you do not speak French, this is fine, most Montrealers are bilingual, but a bit of politeness and understanding can go a long way.

Remember: If you are bringing documents, make sure that you have them translated into French so that you can bring copies in both languages. Even the most bilingual person might be more comfortable reading texts in their mother tongue.

Why not learn a few phrases in French before going to Montreal? Saying Merci for thank you, bonjour for hello, and aurevoir for goodbye is not so hard to learn. A bit of effort is always appreciated, it shows that you have put some thought into making your new acquaintances feel comfortable.

Dress up, not down

Montreal is a city that has a well deserved reputation for having a European flare. Similar to a city like Paris, people in Montreal tend to dress more consciously and stylishly for business and for pleasure. Whether you are going to a meeting or dining out at a restaurant, do not hesitate to dress well, you will not be overdressed.

A note on greetings

When meeting for the first time a handshake is appropriate. In Montreal, a kiss on each cheek is a common greeting between friends. The double kiss is appropriate between a man and a woman, and between two women.

Montreal is a beautiful and vibrant city chock full of incredible architecture, great restaurants, and friendly people. Don’t miss out on this amazing city, get out and explore! If you are looking for a more authentic experience than your average hotel stay, book with You will feel right at home in the city with our luxury furnished apartments in fantastic Montreal locations!

Looking for advice or help getting to know the city? Your concierge is here to help! Just a phone call away, our excellent front desk services are ready to assist you with restaurant recommendations, advice on things to do, and even special requests. Why not give us a call today?