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Business Travel Hack: Why our CEO recommends the Waze App

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Last month, we produced a comprehensive list of the many business travel apps our founder and CEO, Vladimir De Suarez, uses when he’s on the road. The one that sparked the most interest was number 8. on the list – Waze.


Think of Waze as Google Maps, but better. It is a navigation tool, but what makes it different is that it’s community run, and constantly updated with contributions from users who suggest better, lesser known routes and detours.


Another great feature is that Waze can connect with your contacts to give you an idea of where people are, and how long it will take them to get to you. Needless to say, this is supremely useful when trying to gauge arrival times for large meetings and events. Oh, and the app also wants to save you money on gas, and thanks to users sharing data on local prices, it can navigate you to the cheapest gas station.


It’s smart too: link it to your calendar and it will automatically provide maps for addresses you’ll be visiting, whether that’s a quick route to a meeting or the best way to get to the airport. Traffic and road info are updated in real time, which makes avoiding construction and rush hour jams a breeze. They call it “outsmarting traffic”. We call it a few extra minutes to grab a coffee and prepare your presentation. Definitely worth downloading.