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Business Lunch in Panama City? Book these tables

If you need a chic address for an important meeting in Panama City you’re in luck – we’ve scoured the city for the restaurants most likely to impress everyone from colleagues and future business partners, to investors and new bosses. Pick your lunch style and pull up a chair at these three safe bets…


For a sophisticated, formal meal: La Casa del Marisco

If you need to impress new business associates and your expense account is fairly sturdy, then book a table well in advance at La Casa del Marisco. You’ll likely be dining with politicians and celebrities,  but that shouldn’t distract you from the incredible seafood , particularly the Centollo (crab) which should be mentioned when booking as it’s often sold out.


For Typical Panamanian Fare: Las Tinajas

If your meal is more about introducing Panama rather than impressing your guests, then you shouldn’t rule out a stop at tourist spot Las Tinajas. The folkloric dancing show may not be your cup of tea, but the authentic and traditional dishes do give a real taste of the local culture. It’s not fine dining, but it’s a memorable all-round experience for those who want to get to know the country a little over lunch.


For a big group: Madrigal

A great spot in Casco Viejo – you can book a private room in advance if you need to accommodate a large group. Excellent wine list and good selection of meat and fish dishes. It’s not cheap but the service, food and atmosphere live up to the pricetag. Spanish Chef  Andres Madrigal uses more than 90 percent Panamanian ingredients in a unique style that blends modern Spanish and Mediterranean – go for the tasting menu and you won’t be disappointed.