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Business Lunch? Chase After Calgary’s Food Trucks

By Lola Augustine Brown
The restaurant scene in Calgary is fantastic, and whatever you’re into, you can find it in the city – and not just in bricks and mortar establishments. Gourmet experiences are also to be found in the city’s numerous excellent food trucks, where you’ll find everything from steaks to donuts to burritos and more.

Popular Restaurant Offshoots

There are trucks that are offshoots of popular restaurants in the city, such as Steakout Truck which comes from popular local steakhouse Holy Grill, where you pick up prime rib sandwiches, top sirloin steak-bite sandwiches and some of the most delicious fries you’ll ever taste (seasoned with parmesan shavings). (Hint: cutting into the steak with a plastic knife and fork is challenging, so be prepared to just grab the meat and chow down.) Those with a sweet tooth will want to track down the Jelly Modern truck, which serves up the same decadent donuts as the local stores do.

Standalone Endeavours

Most of the trucks are standalone endeavours though, which allows for some true creativity when it comes to their offerings. Take, for example, the Taico Taco truck, which serves up steamed bun like tacos filled with deliciousness like sous vide pork belly and Szechuan style eggplant. Or Perogy Boyz, one of the city’s favourite food trucks that offers up perogies filled with all manner of sweet and savory fillings (nacho filling, or all-day breakfast filling for example).

Helpful Tools

Tracking down the trucks is easy, just download the Calgary Food Truck app onto our smartphone (or visit for an interactive map) and away you go. As you search out the locations of each truck, you’ll no doubt be taken to parts of the city you’ve never seen before, which allows you to explore in an entirely new way – think of it as a culinary scavenger hunt with a very tasty prize at the end of each game.
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