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Bleisure Trip: How To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Business Trip

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A bleisure trip is the act of combining business and pleasure in one single trip. If you find yourself travelling to any part of the globe for business, you can seek to get that work-life balance by making it a pleasurable leisure experience as well.

More and more people are beginning to seek a work-life balance – more possible now than ever before thanks to cloud-based software and remote access. However, those who find themselves jet-setting around the globe for business have a rare opportunity they may not be taking advantage of to its full potential.

Bleisure trips are growing in popularity by the day, but not everyone has tried it.  Have you?

If you think a bleisure trip could be something worth trying, then here are a few of the many destinations that cater to both tourists and business people in the best way possible.

Bleisure Trip: Montreal

If you find yourself in Montreal for business, there’s every reason to stay a while, and even extend an invite for your family to visit as well. After your business has taken place, why not check out many of the family-friendly activities this city has to offer? You can meander through the streets of Old Montreal, or even get a taste of culture at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

You can also take advantage of Montreal’s gastronomic scene and taste dishes from all over the world, as the city is one of the most multicultural in the world. But if you want to have a more local experience, La Banquise has the world-famous poutine with many different toppings.

Bleisure Trip Montreal Poutine

Bleisure Trip: Vancouver

With thriving art and music scenes, there’s every reason to consider staying a little longer if you intend on being in Vancouver on business. With an ethnically diverse population and a range of things to do, see, and experience, it’s one of the ideal bleisure trip destinations.

Once you’ve arranged your accommodation in Vancouver and settled the day’s business, you can then check out Stanley Park – a 405-hectare public park, or even take the family to Science World on Quebec Street.

Bleisure Trip Vancouver

Bleisure Trip: Toronto

Toronto continues to be a thriving metropolis and a hive of activity for tourists and business people alike. Whether you only intend on staying for business, or you’re actively seeking to make your visit to Toronto a bleisure trip, you will be amazed at what’s on offer.

The CN Tower on Front Street West is a must see. If your family is meeting you after your business meetings, Ripley’s Aquarium is a good choice to take the kids.  Located in the heart of downtown Toronto at the base of the CN Tower, the aquarium is Toronto’s newest must-see attraction for tourists and locals of all ages.

Bleisure Trip Toronto

Bleisure Trip: Ottawa

Ottawa knows how to cater to business people with premium eateries,  conference centers, and friendly locals. When you’re sent to Ottawa for business, take the opportunity to also have fun! Go check out the Rideau Canal, which becomes the biggest ice skating ring of the world during winter. And why not snap a few photos at Parliament Hill as well?

Bleisure Trip Ottawa

Bleisure Trip: Panama City

Because Panama City is a cosmopolitan hub for business people, there’s no surprise that it continues to be a hot spot for bleisure trip enthusiasts as well. Whether you only intend on staying a few days or longer, you will find this city is one that can offer everything you need for a pleasurable stay.

The famous Canal is a must-see but be sure to begin your tour at Miraflores Locks, an interactive center that will fill you in on the Canal’s history. You can grab lunch at the seafood market, Mercado de Mariscos, which sits at the edge of Casco Viejo. Outside, vendors serve small plastic cups filled with fresh ceviche of various kinds.

Casco Viejo is Panama City’s hippest neighborhood.  It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. There, you’ll find many options to buy the famous Panama hats. If in doubt, stick to the classic.

Bleisure Trip Panama City

Bleisure Trip: Mexico City

If you find yourself in  Mexico City on business, then you will find yourself immersed in a vibrant culture, with opportunities for both business and pleasure. Combine the two and make Mexico City your bleisure trip destination of choice.

Not only Mexico City is known for having the most museums of any city on Earth – yes, more than even Paris and New York, but it also offers a complete gastronomic experience. Take the time to explore the Templo Mayor Museum. Keep in mind that you can’t leave the city without trying a traditional michelada.

Bleisure Trip Mexico City

Even if you find yourself away from home on business for more days of the year than you care to think, don’t let the opportunity to benefit from a better work-life balance pass you by. Turn those business trips into bleisure trips, opening the doors to experience new parts of the world!