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On Business In Bogota? Take These Day Trips To Relax

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Now that you’ve booked your trip to Colombia, you’ve got more planning to do! There are tons of great sights to behold, but how can you make sure that you get to do all of the things you just have to do when you go to such a culturally rich place? Well, embrace the “day trip”.  Make Bogota your base while enjoying excursions with groups and/or guides to the great spots within and just outside the city. Here are of a few of the very best trips and tours you should think about when visiting this beautiful corner of Colombia.


Half-Day City Trips Around Bogota

You may not be interested in investing an entire day to taking a guided tour, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t do something popular and fun while in Bogota. Hansa Tours has multiple options for tour duration for each of its tours, so you can go on a tour of the notorious Salt Cathedral that lasts 5 hours or 8 hours if you want to fill your day with more. Their most popular tours are, of course, the Salt Cathedral and Gautavita. History buffs will love the La Candelaria tour in particular, which takes tour-goers through parts of Bogota where it all began in six hours or less. Pretty good for the amount of architecture, scenery, and culture you’ll encounter.


Tours for Athletic Visitors

If you’re active and love doing a bit of biking, hiking, or walking through Bogota, Colombia and the surrounding area, you’ll be really enthusiastic on taking a bike tour through Bogota Bike Tours. You’ll be led on a fun route that makes its way through popular plazas and side streets where the most beautiful graffiti and architecture are yours to admire. Really, the most bang for your buck and all around good time with adventure tourism comes from one-stop shops like Kiramo Turismo Extremo. Water-lovers can enjoy extreme adventure tours like kayaking and diving while thrill-seekers will be over the moon to know that they have the option of paragliding, skydiving, or bungee jumping. If that’s not really your speed, you can still get out into the lush jungles of Colombia in secure and fun way by hiking or horseback riding through mountain trails or spelunking or exploring the Colombian countrysides many caves.


A Day at the Museum

Museums aren’t all that boring when you’re in a different part of the world, and why not get out of the warm, muggy weather for a tour around one of the many museums of interest in Bogota? Since gold seems to be all the rage on Discovery channel, you have got to see one of the biggest collections of South American Pre-Hispanic gold in the world at the Gold Museum. The best way to get the most out of this venue is by taking their free guided tour, which will show in a select section of the museum and follow that up with an audio guide for the rest of the museum’s exhibits, so dress comfortably and be sure to bring your camera.


Day Trips and Nature

Gardening junkies will never want to leave the Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis. You can sit under the trees and listen to the sounds of tropical birds while admiring the floral sights of Colombia. Visitors have all been very enamored with the orchids, ponds, and rose gardens on-site and there is so much calm, and this is in the middle of a huge city too. You can also enjoy some of the beauty of the night sky while out in Bogota with a tour and exhibit at The Planetarium. This tour is an especially fun and useful trip for keeping kids from getting bored, so you can take them out for some fun and an interactive learning environment with shows, talks, and guided walks through where the giant telescope is housed. Truly fascinating.


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