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Relocating to Vancouver: The Best Restaurants

Relocating, Vancouver

Vancouver’s culinary stage is a celebration of culture and flavour. This booming seaside city makes use of its abundant locally sourced produce to create sumptuous, mouth-watering dishes. Discover and savour the newest food trends to hit the international food scene, as well as local tastes and appetites in this coastal metropolis.
Variety is the spice of life, and Vancouver has it all: Indian, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, French, Italian, and Vietnamese, among lots more! Here are some places you definitely need to drop by!

Le Crocodile

Chef Michel Jacob brings to life traditional French staples with a personal twist at the acclaimed Le Crocodile. The menu is a real treat for all epicures, featuring sweetbreads, rabbit, quail, and foie-gras, all impeccably prepared and exquisitely appetizing. Le Crocodile raises the bar for fine dining, with its elegant décor and flawless service; you’re in for a truly decadent affair!Delicious food vancouver

Blue Water Café

This bistro has established itself as a household name in the Yaletown district of Vancouver and is known for serving some of the best fish in the city. The Blue Water Café prides itself for serving environmentally sustainable, local seafood to its guests, along with a posh dining experience. The menu offers both hot and cold entrées, the latter influenced by a Japanese culinary aesthetic and prepared at the Raw Bar. Taste the freshest ocean’s bounty at the Blue Water, but make sure to call in a reservation in advance!delicious food vancouver

Vij’s Restaurant

Sweet and tangy and salty and sour and spicy: your palate is in for a treat. Vij’s boasts a refreshingly modern take on Indian cuisine, and my, did they get it right! Hailed as one of the finest Indian restaurants in the world, Vij’s presents scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian mains for your tasting pleasure. The restaurant harnesses the spices of the subcontinent and creates truly memorable food. Vij’s does not take reservations, so be there in time for dinner which is served at 5:30pm.Delicious Food Vancouver


‘From farm to table’ comes Fable, a unique culinary vision that showcases the best of contemporary Canadian cuisine. Fable focuses on a simple concept that churns out great tasting food including wonderful dessert. The dining room contains a relaxed atmosphere, and with much to see, smell and taste, this restaurant invites all your senses to share the experience. Fable is the brainchild of Top Chef contestant Trevor Bird, and he makes sure his guests enjoy the best local ingredients from Vancouver.delicious food vancouver

Peaceful Restaurant

Vancouver is home to a thriving Chinese community, so it will come as no surprise that the city also houses some of the best Chinese restaurants in the country. Peaceful Restaurant is just one of them. Serving up Chinese favourites such as Mu Shu, Sichuan, dimsum, pork buns and oodles of noodles, Peaceful Restaurant has become pretty popular with Vancouverites. Best news of all, the eatery delivers too!delicious food vancouver

Vancouver has set a place for itself as an international culinary hotspot, and its diversity makes it a special food destination. With an emphasis on sustainability and local produce, Vancouver definitely sets a standard in the greater culinary space.

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