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In a long business trip to Buenos Aires? Try to Learn Tango

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Argentina is a land of passion with a very storied past that goes back as far as the 16th century when its lands were colonized by Spanish explorers. The vibrant culture and scenery in Argentina are unmatched; their love of life and family as well as food, music, and dance give it a vivid atmosphere that North Americans don’t always get to enjoy in everyday life. Tourists who love to immerse themselves in the culture will want to dig under the surface of this incredible city, and what better way to do so than through Tango? The capital city of Buenos Aires has some excellent classes for long and short term visitors who want to add a little rhythmic seduction to their vacation. Here are some of the Tango classes in Buenos Aires that should definitely make your list of things to do while visiting Argentina.
Lucia and Gerry
Lucia and Gerry have been dancing and teaching Milonga Tango for more than 20 years. Their private and group classes are exquisitely formatted, and guests love how they emphasize having a great connection with your partner and proper form while showing students the steps. You’ll love the gorgeous and spacious hardwood ballroom, and Lucia and Gerry are far from uptight, so you can feel comfortable no matter what level of experience you have. If you want to take what you’ve learned and apply it somewhere, you can go to one of their Milongas and dance in front of others with live music and wine. Shy couples can hang out on the edge of the dance floor at a table and enjoy the more experienced couples sliding across the room.
El Piropo
Tango classes at El Piropo are spectacular. There are private lessons and group sessions led by amazing instructors that have the patience and sense of humor that allows tourists to become comfortable with moving the body in an artistic way while being loose enough to let fun reign. El Piropo hosts and holds tons of events in and around their studio, which is near the Plazoleta Vera Penaloza on San Juan Avenue. The cool thing about this dance studio is that they teach other types of dance on different days of the week, so if you’re knee-deep in the Latin dance experience, you can take a Samba class too!
Alejandro Gee
Tango is all about intimate contact and can be a very useful experience for finding a close connection with your lover while on vacation. Alejandro Gee knows this all too well, and his dance studio  is geared towards using Tango as a form of self-expression while educating people on this passionate aspect of Argentinian culture. He places a strong emphasis on moving to the music and in complete harmony with your partner. Like most Tango studios, Alejandro’s holds and invites class members to Milongas that are the proverbial cherry on top to a wonderful day with their rhythmic music and super-close dancing. Don’t be surprised if you’re caught with a rose in your teeth by the end of the night after delicious food, fine wine, and some of the best Tango in Buenos Aires.
Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial
If you’re lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires in August, you have to check out the Tango Buenos Aires Festival. This free event is jam-packed with stunning performances, vibrant costumes, exhibits that show the history of Tango, cultural displays, and classes where groups of people can learn this exhilarating dance for themselves. The festival lasts for two weeks and takes place in the Teatro de la Ribera, which is located in the La Boca Neighborhood of Buenos Aires. There are other shows and competitions being held at the same time, including the Dance Festival and World Cup that showcases the finest dancers in the world as they dance Tango against one another to determine who the best of the best really is. Great to watch and even better to learn from!
La Catedral Club
La Catedral Club has classes before its own outdoor Milongas that start at 11 PM each evening. The classes are for true beginners and tourists, but this is mostly due to the relaxed venue. An outdoor dance floor gives the whole evening a very Latin American feel with great food and drinks available all night long. It’s probably the most authentic Argentinian dance experience you can have due to the classes being taught with very little English and a huge local presence, so this is as basic and culturally immersed you can be while learning tango, but that also allows for missed steps and goofing off. Very down-to-earth and enjoyable! Get there early to snag a good table.


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