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Our Top Four Destinations for a Spring Break Getaway

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If the daily grind post-Christmas has become a little too much to handle, you are sure to be counting the days down to spring break. While it’s typically a chance for students to let loose, even busy professionals can take the opportunity to let their hair down, enjoy luxury, and have a memorable time.

If you’ve got spring break marked on your calendar and you’re finalizing plans, consider one of these four exciting getaway destinations. Spring is on its way and now’s the time to celebrate in style!

Spring Break Destination #1: Costa Rica


Costa Rica is fast becoming a preferred holidaying destination for students, professionals, and even families. However, during spring break, San Jose in Costa Rica comes alive. If you’ve decided San Jose is your spring break destination of choice, you’re in for a treat. It offers rich culture and history, stunning architecture, and for those who want to let their hair down, bustling nightlife.

Once you’ve arranged your quality Costa Rica accommodation, it’s time to get involved in the city life. Visit the many museums and galleries, and dine at some of the exquisite restaurants scattered throughout the city center. There are so many things to see and experience while enjoying spring break in Costa Rica.

Spring Break Destination #2: Panama


If you’re unsure where to spend your spring break vacation this year, Panama City in Panama is well worth your consideration. Known to be a hive of action, with plenty of activities, nightlife, and some excellent accommodations in the city, there’s every reason to consider it.

The best part is, Panama is also an affordable and low-cost holiday destination that offers premium bang for your buck. Don’t miss out on the many parties and white sand beaches that could make this spring break one to remember.

Spring Break Destination #3: Mexico

Aside from luxurious accommodation in Mexico offering the opportunity to take a well-deserved break away, Mexico becomes a bustling hive of activity come spring break time. If you’re ready to experience culture, nightlife, and a vibrant atmosphere with your peers, Mexico is the place to be.

If you time it right, you may also find yourself immersed in Semana Santa celebrations, an experience of a lifetime for visitors and tourists. And if you’re looking for that extra experience as part of your trip, we have some good news, as Mexico is the latest city to feature the Corporate Stays Signature Collection!

Spring Break Destination #4: Barcelona, Spain


Equally as exciting as Mexico, is Barcelona, in Spain. Most professional couples and singles would love the opportunity to sun themselves on beaches, dance the night away in bars, and enjoy luxury accommodations in Barcelona.

What’s more, there are many fun and festive occasions that coincide with spring break. There is  Holy Week (Semana Santa), as well as the Primavera Sound Festival with indie, pop and rock music. Take a break from the daily grind and enjoy all Spain has to offer. 

Wherever you plan on heading to this spring break, make sure it’s the trip of a lifetime. Research exciting spring break activities and find yourself the right  accommodations. Don’t be afraid to let the stresses of your daily work life just disappear. Happy travels!