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The best apps for business travelers

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So you’ve made your life simpler by booking a fully equipped serviced apartment with us – congratulations! Now, streamline the rest of your trip with these great on-the-go apps:

For flights: FlightTrack 5 is a great app for travellers who are trying to keep track of multiple flight bookings. It updates gate numbers, boarding times, and delays, and color codes flights to keep separate trips clear. A great app to share with colleagues, as it can also keep you updated on their flight status and arrival times.

For currency: The XE currency converter is reliable, great for quickly checking prices in an unfamiliar currency, and an accurate tool for keeping track of exchange rate fluctuations in real time. You can pin your base currency to the top of the screen to make conversion automatic and have access to every currency, plus precious metals if you’re interested in how gold’s doing this week.

For transport: We love this one so much we recently launched a partnership with them! ‘Uber’ is a cool new car-for-hire app that allows you to call for a car with the press of a button, and watch your driver arrive via live map. Payment is taken through the app, so no need to worry about reaching for your wallet upon arrival. Our guests get a $20 discount on their first ride.

For expenses: No matter how successful your trip, tracking expenses back home can be a pain in the ass. Expensify makes it more intuitive and organised. Scan receipts, track mileage, and create expense reports to take the headache out of billing and getting reimbursed.