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Artist Omen commissioned by for Art Basel

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“Aerosol is a medium like any other; valid and there as a vehicle to express oneself, whether that be through realism, expressionism, cubism, or whatever the artist chooses. As long as aerosol and graffiti are used to pigeon-hole and keep legitimate artists down, I will keep blowing your minds.” – Omen

Omen, a renowned Montreal-born graffiti artist,  says his mission is to “ lead the aerosol movement towards a truce with the established art world”, and what better way to bridge the gap than an indoor mural during Art Basel Miami Beach? proposed the idea and Omen, in his own, crazy-imaginative way, has run with it. As our “invited artist” for this year’s festival, he has a full wall in one of our brand new studios, and we we love what the talented artist has done with it.

Art Basel Miami Beach – dedicated to modern and contemporary art – has been running since 1970 and has been hailed as the most important art show in the United States. Every year it draws tens of thousands of gallerists, celebrities, artists and collectors who attend high-profile openings, talks, exhibitions and exclusive parties. is a big supporter of Omen’s quest for graffiti to be accepted as a valid form of expression – last year, we commissioned two murals for the statement walls of one of our luxury apartments in Montreal, and even named the property after it’s featured artist. The juxtaposition of luxury decor and an edgy medium such as graffiti is a great reflection of what we are trying to do at think outside the box, offer a variety of apartments for all tastes and styles, and support local artists in the cities where we work. His work is striking and different and definitely one of a kind, and we are excited to add a Miami mural to our collection.

We at CorporateStays have a strong, fun personality – so does Omen and now, so does our newest Miami studio. Check out this cool time-lapse of his Montreal mural for, and stay tuned for more pictures of the finished work of art in Miami!