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Aesthetics in the Hotel Industry – How do Corporate Housing Companies Compare ?

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Back In 2005, the Marriott International Group unveiled new designs and upgrades to their various hotel destinations. These updates to aesthetics were not the routine type, such as simply replacing worn-out furniture and standard maintenance. This was a huge shift from the standardization that built the Marriott brand into one of the world’s largest hotel chains, the new emphasis became aesthetics and personalization.
Basically Marriott decided it was time for a Makeover! Be it the granite countertops or the aromatherapy shampoos & conditioners in the bathrooms to the piles of pillows on the beds, the rooms are now aimed to please a style-conscious generation of travellers who appreciate standards without compromising style.

A New Trend

Marriott was not innovating, they were merely following what at that time was becoming an industry trend. Over the last decade, hotel chains have been competing intensely to constantly update the look and feel of their rooms. That competition was set off by Starwood Hotels and Resorts with their stylish redesign of Westin and Sheraton suites in 1999. The quality of goods and services has always at a subconscious level been judged not only by function but also by style.
This emphasis on aesthetics can be found in various industries, from the sleek design of the new Iphone 5 all the way to our own city provided recycling bins, humans constantly aim at making things “look better”. Even though hotel rooms illustrate standard and offer very well-established products and services, even they are always changing in our modern and dynamic marketplace.

What About Corporate Rentals ?

In contrast – the majority of corporate housing suppliers are preoccupied with the size of their units, the durability of the furniture in their apartments, the location of their properties, the price, the amenities the building and units have to offer. Usually following no aesthetic standard and investing very little in design. These preoccupations or priorities (depending on your perspective) have caused a huge divide between the new style conscious generation of travelers and the corporate housing industry.

Time To Innovate

Everything I mentioned above is important, but it shouldn’t leave companies preoccupied and not style conscious, fortunately at, similarly to the Marriott International Group in 2005, we are now finally focused not only on our passion for customer service and all of the standard points mentioned above that shape the quality of a furnished apartment rental – but we are also extremely focused on innovation and aesthetics so we can offer our guests an unparalleled experience combining both quality, comfort and style. Here is a great example of the awesome aesthetic results one can achieve with collaborative work with regards to furnishing, decorating and conceptualizing a property!
apartment aesthetics
We recently had our interior decorators and marketing team collaborate with local Montreal Graffiti Artist Omen allowing him to tag  inside one of our luxury apartments, this art which is usually reserved for subway tunnels and billboard ads we see on the highway has now made its way into one of our most luxurious downtown Montreal properties.
The result and feedback we’re receiving from corporate guests, artists and even random people surfing the web are awesome and have allowed us to reach out and be visible to a new demographic which couldn’t have existed without such a project that breaks social barriers, giving this standard 1 bedroom apartment a new life, a unique ambiance and feel that travellers would not be able to find elsewhere or ever forget. The great news is that this is just the beginning ! Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our progress and see photos showcasing our newly designed properties !
Check out our Press Release about the OMEN apartment and watch the time lapse!

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