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Multiculturalism in the Workplace: What are the Advantages?

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Multiculturalism brings together a diverse set of cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the work environment. Companies should seek a diverse business culture as it offers many advantages.

Corporate Stays, as a corporate housing provider, is no exception. Our team consists of people from different parts of the globe: Europeans,  Asians, North and Latin Americans. All working together to bring about the success of the company.

There are many advantages of multiculturalism in workplaces, some of which we have outlined below.

Multiculturalism Brings Better Customer Service

On any given day, business people are travelling the globe to contribute to the success of their business. Sometimes, these trips involve going to countries where people speak a different language or making phone calls to arrange accommodations. To give the best service possible, it’s helpful to invite multiculturalism into your workplace.

When you have staff from all around the world, your customers can feel at ease speaking in a language they can understand. In the end, having a multicultural workforce shows a different face to the public.

Learn a New Language

Around 75 percent of Americans only know one language, and it’s not hard to believe that statistic is not too far different from other countries as well. If you invite multiculturalism into your workplace, you may find you can learn a second language far quicker.

If people are speaking other languages around you, you can begin picking up words more naturally than you would imagine. Before long, you can start forming sentences and joining in conversations.

Corporate Stays headquarters is in Montreal, which itself already encourages the learning of a new language since it is a bilingual city. When having a multicultural workforce, it is common for co-workers to share expressions in their mother tongue, thereby stimulating learning.

Multiculturalism Learn a New Language

More Understanding – and Respect – for Cultural Differences

Corporate Stays People Operation’s Manager, Nisreen Zalzale agrees that a multicultural workplace is hugely beneficial for the company and has a big impact on employee engagement.

We’ve created a culture that encourages curiosity and the exchange of ideas. What’s important for Corporate Stays is to hire people who identify with our core values and have the skill set we are looking for. Multiculturalism happened on its own and we embrace it as part of our identity.” – People Operation’s Manager, Nisreen Zalzale.

Being respectful and understanding is necessary for every workplace, but multiculturalism helps to make it a more natural part of your personality. Corporate Stays’ multicultural team understand that on a daily basis. They must have respect, patience, and understanding for their fellow colleagues and welcome diversity.  

Multicultural team

Enhancing Creativity

Problem-solving, brainstorming and getting creative is a far richer experience when you welcome multiculturalism into your workplace. Every person has a different perspective on life (or the day-to-day problems). Rather than getting ideas from one cultural background, you can incorporate several different ones from people around the world. 

You can turn your cultural background into an advantage when you start leveraging the knowledge provided by your unique heritage in work situations. When you bring mixed nationalities together in one workplace, the brainstorming sessions could be so much more enriching. Besides, encouraging employees to provide input or feedback during meetings empowers them and develops an engaged workforce.

Multiculturalism Creativity

Global Market Edge

If you are trying to invite new customers, suppliers, and businesses from other countries to work with you, it can be challenging to understand the rules, regulations, and etiquette. Multiculturalism in the workplace can give you a more profound knowledge of the different customs and traditions around the world.

For example, in South Korea, it’s not uncommon to take part in karaoke when you’re a guest. Once you’re in France, you must be prepared for two hour-long lunches with your business colleagues. You will be prepared for meetings with global customers thanks to your multicultural workplace, so you have a far better chance of getting that global market edge.

There are so many advantages of inviting multiculturalism into your workplace – including both personal and business opportunities. If you want to be part of Corporate Stay’s multicultural team, check our opportunities here.