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8 Events To Attend During Your Business Trip To Montreal This April

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By Michael D’Alimonte

Montreal’s Digital Spring/Printemps Numerique

Dates: March 21st to June 21st
Art and the digital world collide in this new 4-month long series of exhibitions that will feature the work from experts in both fields. “Light technology” will be the ongoing theme of the festival, and you’ll no doubt witness technological innovations in an artistic framework that you’ll likely see enter the realms business and advertising tech in the coming years.

Île des Soeurs Spa’s Argentinian Wine & Cheese

Date: Thursday, April 2 @ 5:00 pm-11:00 pm
A new take on the classic Montreal 5-à-7(known as Happy Hour in other cities), Île des Soeurs Spa is transforming the after-work-drink tradition into a flavour adventure to Argentina. Regional wine and cheeses will be there for you to eat and drink, as will a DJ and a special on massages. Tickets are available for pairs and groups, a great idea to get in some fun and relaxation if you’re traveling with a team.

Festival Bar et Bouffe

Date: Thursday, March 26-Saturday, April 4
Figuring out where to eat and drink while on a business trip can be a tad daunting, especially when you’re in a city like Montreal that has so many options. To make your life a bit easier, and narrow down your delicious options, check out what’s being offered at certain restaurants during the first Festival Bar & Bouffe. 20 different resto-bars around the city are offering fixed price drink and meal pairings, adding up to over 60 different combinations throughout the festival. See what’s being served in your area and get hungry.

Morning Gloryville Montreal #3

Date: April 1st or 8th (to be confirmed)
You may have heard of Morning Gloryville before, as it’s an international event that has popped up in a few cities, but if you haven’t, the event can be summed up as this: a morning dance rave to start your day. Raving in the morning seems a bit strange, but the high-energy atmosphere, along with the coffee, smoothies, yoga, and massages offered on site make Morning Gloryville a great way to get pumped for your day of work. Be sure to check back in to get tickets when the date is confirmed. 

Montreal Startup Breakfast Club

Date: April 7th
Get an inside look into the city’s startup scene by having a presenter-lead breakfast with members of the industry’s community. Not only is this a solid way to network and gain some contacts in Montreal’s startup community, but you’ll also get to gain some insider knowledge from a special speaker during the event.

La Braderie de mode québécoise

Dates: April 16th to 19th
To anyone who can’t read French (and I’d suggest brushing up before heading to Montreal) this event is easily translated as ‘The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers,’ or if you want to seem hip, just call it ‘the Braderie.’ All those in the fashion industry can’t miss this event, as it showcases the premiere designers of the province, and if you’re not, you can still get a new piece of business-wear or a gift for a loved one.

Spa Week Montreal

Dates: April 21st to 27th
Traveling can be stressful in itself, and even more so when you’re traveling on business. Take more than a few edges off in Montreal at the end of April with Spa Week. Some of the best spas in the city will all be offering a fixed massage price of $50, so if you can find the time to relax, you can’t pass up this deal.

Leslie Passerino International’s Gala Cocktail

Date: April 24th
A female business professional traveling to Montreal near the end of April can’t pass up the chance to attend the Leslie Passerino International anniversary networking event. All about women in various industries establishing relationships and supporting each other, the event will also be a full-blown gala, so expect plenty of fun and drinks as well.

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