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5 Ways You Can Mix Business Travel With Pleasure

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Sometimes the most fun there is to be had from going on business trips is telling people at home where you are going. You know that you won’t be seeing much more than the inside of a conference centre, but your friends will likely assume that you are living the highlife, dashing around from destination to destination, all on your company’s dime. Isn’t it time to make the business trip more like the dream? On your next business trip, why not try to mix in just a bit of pleasure with business? We’ve collected five of our favorite tips to help make business travel more pleasurable.

Take an extra day if possible.

Part of what makes business travel so stressful is the feeling of rushing from meeting to meeting while not having any time for yourself. If you can convince your company to add an extra day to your travel, not only will you be able to properly prepare for your trip, but you will be able to do at least one thing at your destination that interests you. An added bonus to this idea is that you will be less tired from your travel day and ready for your busy schedule.

Pick one thing that you would like to see or do.

Let’s face it, there isn’t enough free time on a business trip to see everything there is to see where you are, but getting out of your hotel and seeing something will definitely improve your trip. Even pleasure travelers often ruin their own time at a destination by trying to cram in too many things into too short a time. If you can pick just one thing, or just a few things, you are more likely to really embrace the experience. If you only have to go see one thing, you are probably going to be able to get away to actually do it, it’s easier to schedule just one trip into a busy weekend than it is to take on the whole city.

Get someone to show you around

Seeing the city with a local is always a bonus. Before you leave, try to arrange a dinner or lunch with someone who lives in the city. Maybe the client or partner your are meeting with would be willing to show you their favorite restaurant, or maybe one of your social media friends happens to live in the city. Traveling for business is a great excuse for catching up with someone you don’t see very often.

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Take advantage of the fitness facilities in your accommodations

Business travel can be stressful, and nothing beats stress like a workout or a dip in the pool. Check out the fitness facilities at your accommodations when you arrive and make sure to schedule some time to blow off a little steam on a treadmill, or go for a relaxing swim, it can make all the difference on a hectic trip.

When you stay with CorporateStays.com, you can enjoy better fitness facilities than your typical hotel, so make sure to check them out! Ask about gyms, pools, Jacuzzis, and saunas, as well as other extra features of your apartments when you book with us.

Remember to do something that makes you happy.

For some people that means taking the time to call home every day when they are away on business or even taking the family along, for others that means fitting in some shopping during your trip. The main thing is to remember to make yourself a priority on your list of things to do, even if you are away for business. The small increments of time that you take for yourself will pay off in lower stress levels that will make you better able to get your work done when you are away.

So next time you’re getting ready to go on a business trip, make sure you schedule in a little pleasure too. You work hard and you deserve it. Then when your friends are jealous because of all your travel, you might just have the great memories to match!