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5 Tips on Designing Smaller Spaces

Corporate Housing, Vacation Rental
By: Natasha Gonzalez

Nowadays, when shopping for a new place –whether it’s an investment property or a place to call home – we’ve noticed that much smaller units are being built. A studio apartment could start as low as 300 square feet which is when it starts getting tricky. Here are 5 key tips to keep in mind when tackling these small spaces.
Think vertical
Every inch counts! When you think of small spaces first thing that comes to mind is lack of storage. Built-ins can be a great way of maximizing space and no – it doesn’t need to break that budget. If custom is not the way you want to go, IKEA has great wardrobe units that can be installed into a niche to give you that built-in look. Alcoves could also be used to your advantage. Turn them into custom shelves or storage units. Don’t be afraid to go all the way up to the ceiling. A smaller space will look bigger by keeping it clutter free.
Think dual purpose pieces – an ottoman that could be used as storage and seating is a great start. They are small enough to store under a console and big enough to use as extra seating. Using an ottoman as a coffee table is also a great way to creating a cozy space. It’s a bonus when it allows you to store those throws we all use to bundle up at night. Think glass and clear furniture! These will give you the functionality you need without the bulky look of wood pieces.
Dress your windows 
Sheers, sheers, sheers! For those small spaces with floor to ceiling windows – sheers will be your best friend. Mounting a track to the ceiling and dressing your windows in a sheer fabric can make the smallest spaces seem open and spacious. If you don’t have floor to ceiling windows – get the look by mounting the rod used for your drapery panels above the frame. This will add height to the space. For those of you who want a pop of color and don’t think sheers are enough – add a little life with decorative panels.
It’s all an illusion 
It’s all about mirrors nowadays – whether it’s a mirrored console, a mirrored tray or a mirrored end table, these key pieces will make a small living space look larger. A well positioned mirror in a small space can make a huge difference. Aside from big windows and high-ceilings, adding a large mirror will help spread light and create a sense of space.
The right color palette 
As much as I love white color palettes, small spaces don’t need to be all about white. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. A darker accent wall can make a space look and feel larger. It’s all about making the right choices. When choosing the right paint, think about staying within the same color palette to connect all the rooms and make it flow. Don’t forget about wallpaper! With so many different styles and texture these days – the possibilities are endless. A feature wall wrapped in wallpaper can instantly add interest to a space. Stick to the same color scheme, look for texture and when you’re planning on introducing pattern – think tone on tone.

With these 5 tips you’ll be on the right track to design your own space – regardless of its size.

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