Relocating in medellin? 5 things you’ve got WRONG about Medellin! | Corporate Stays: Beyond Business
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Relocating in medellin? 5 things you’ve got WRONG about Medellin!

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1. No beach = not really worth it. Go to the coast instead. If you want to lie on a beach and tan, skip on down to Florida. If you’re looking for beautiful weather, art, culture, parks, waterfalls, palm trees, all served up with a delicious dose of Spanish and local delicacies, then Medellin is the place for you. A lush valley nestled between mountains, it’s got traditional monuments and edgy urban architecture, cool museums like the Parque Explora, and outdoor escalators and aerial gondolas which make exploring fun in and of itself. The people are really welcoming, the bars and restaurants are great, and you’ll be travelling somewhere that not everyone and their grandmother has been already.

2. It’s Columbia, there’s drugs everywhere: Ok, we don’t blame you for this one, given that Pablo Escobar ran his notorious cartel from this city, but nowadays, you’re more likely to find people selling mazamorra (a traditional corn-based drink) on street corners than coke. Obviously, you’re not going to wander around Barrio Triste at night, but Medellin’s downtown has seriously cleaned up it’s act, and is now seen as a model city, with futuristic architecture, impressive public transport, and world-class parks.

3. They kidnap for fun for God’s sake! The murder rate in Medellin has dropped tenfold since the 90s, and visionary mayors have brought excellent  education and social programs to the underprivileged. It’s a modern, developing city now – students study at the university, businessmen work in the banks and offices, and tourists check out the sights. And there is absolutely no reason to be worried about safety when you’re tucked up in bed – for example these short or long term Medellin rentals are in high-end neighborhoods, with a pool, fitness room, and jacuzzi. The only thing that might surprise you there is the beautiful view from the balcony!

4. It’s a pretty poor place: Anyone who has ridden the new cable car system – which is linked to the modern and spotless metro – or taken refuge from the under under the leafy tree in the España Library park would find it hard to agree with this one. Medellin may not be Manhattan (yet), but there is a thriving business centre and the city has won many awards for innovation and urban planning. Many people live very well in Medellin, and are becoming wealthier and more comfortable every year. For business travellers, there are international hotel chains, huge conference centres, and luxury furnished apartments.

5. Medellin has the most beautiful Women in the world: False. Medellin has the most beautiful people in the world. The women and men are both good looking and charming – so don’t fight it, just give in to the pleasure of the paisas!