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5 North American Business Conferences Worth Attending in 2015

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Business conferences are a beautiful thing. To some, a conference all about the world of business may seem a tad dry, but a business-minded person like you knows that’s far from the truth. Only at a conference can you have the chance to meet, and learn from, professionals and industry leaders who have transformed the business world.
By attending a business conference you have the chance to grow your network and expand your knowledge in a very dynamic setting. A wide array of business conferences are held throughout the continent all year round, but here’s a few you should definitely check out in 2015.

Digital Strategy Conference 

  • When: May 12th to 14th
  • Where: UBC Robson Square (800 Robson Street), Vancouver, BC

Whether you’re an expert on the online world of marketing looking to stay ahead of the curve, or a business owner seeking information on how to implement successful digital marketing strategies, the lessons you’ll learn and the people you’ll meet at Vancouver’s Digital Strategy Conference will help you achieve your goals. A full three days will be devoted to the changing world of digital marketing, as conference speakers simultaneously look to the past and the future while examining the many facets of implementing an online marketing campaign.
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  • When: TBA
  • Where: New York, NY

A technology conference of a different sort, Biofabricate doesn’t focus on software or digital technology like so many others. Instead, the purpose of Biofabricate is to educate professionals and offer first hand experiences with the fascinating world of “grown materials.” Advertised to cover everything from “yeast and bacteria to mushrooms and mammalian cells,” Biofabricate will showcase the new biotechnologies the world’s leading researchers have created and their applications in the business world.
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Fearless Females: Women in Tech Panel Event

  • When: Thursday, April 23, 2015 (6:00pm-9:00pm)
  • Where: 848 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA

More of a panel discussion than a full-blown conference, this Tech in Motion event still shouldn’t be missed, and will offer you the same level of information and knowledge. As the name would suggest, the Fearless Females: Women in Tech Panel will showcase the stories, struggles, and accomplishments of women who have made their mark in the world of technology. Networking will play a key role in the event, with a cocktail networking happy hour and “wrap up networking” opening and closing the panel.
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The Future of Storytelling 

  • When: October 7th to 8th
  • Where: New York, NY

Not your standard “speaker and audience” type of conference, The Future of Storytelling summit brings together all sorts of industry professionals to discuss the changing forms of narratives in media and beyond. In two days you’ll be fully immersed into a community of storytellers as discussions, presentations, and interactive workshops are held, all focusing on the changes to technology and culture that are shaping how people tell stories and experience narratives.
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Mirren Live New York 2015 New Business Conference

  • When: May 5th to 6th
  • Where: Digital Sandbox Network (55 Broad Street, 4th Floor)

A can’t miss event for the business-oriented mind, the Mirren Live New York conference will feature over 400 agencies all taking part in more than 35 different workshops with upwards of 50 industry leaders presenting on a variety of topics. Focuses of the conference include forming perfect pitch and proposal, how prospective clients approach business agencies, and how best to market your services, all of which are applicable to just about any business professional. 
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