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5 Blogs to Prepare You for Your Next Business Trip

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With the way that globalization and social media have connected us to so many people around the world, it’s not uncommon to see travel as a requirement for more and more job descriptions. After all, what good are all these connections if you can’t capitalize on them?

Being prepared to travel somewhere you’ve never been before (sometimes at the last minute), though, can be a bit of a logistical hassle. How do you know what to bring? How do you know what to be prepared for? Well, anyone of the blogs listed below you can help you tackle every business trip with the seasoned confidence of an executive frequent flyer.

The Corporate Traveller Blog

Keeping the costs associated with business travel to a minimum for small or medium sized businesses is a priority for the readers of The Corporate Traveller. By following the tips this blog offers, you won’t have to worry about your transportation or other expenses. Acting as the founding corporate brand of The Flight Center Group, here you can find tips on airline centric topics like TSA announcements as well as tips on business travel lifestyle, the global economy and timely updates on discounted airline fares should you need to place arrange a last minute flight.

The Boarding Area

With so many people offering their advice on business travel, ultimately the web has become inundated with sources willing to contribute based on their experiences. Finding the right one can be difficult. The frequent flyer gurus over at Boarding Area have compiled a trustworthy list of the award winning blogs they consider to be the authority on subjects related to business travel, designed for the use professionals around the world. The site is user friendly, separating each blog by category which include various regions, the insight of the female travelers perspectives and wide range of videos.


One of Gizmodo‘s claim to fame which is it’s dedication to a weekly update of the best and newest iOs & Andriod apps to that are released, many of which can benefit any traveller. From apps that facilitate renting an office space you can be productive in while OOO to apps that notify you to networking events in your area that you can register for with your smart phone, Gizmodo’s weekly app updates worth checking out.

Frequent Business Traveller

The Frequent Business Traveler caters to the travel and technology needs of any multitude of business traveler. All writers who post here are members of the Society of American Travel Writers and the International Travel Writers Alliance, which is a big deal. By offering professional and to the point advice, The Frequent Business Travel aims for you to optimize your time and budget while away and will help you do so which such ease that you will be looking forward to your next venture with confidence.

Eventbrite & MeetUp.com

While not actually blogs, ‎Eventbrite and MeetUp.com are great business network tools for any business traveller. After all, the whole point of business travel is to network and establish new connections.

Both sites allow you to search networking events by city, and sort them according to popularity or availability, as well as see how many attendees are expected to be at these events. Eventbrite also allows you to buy tickets to events if they’re not entirely free. Once that is done, the event can easily to added to any online or smartphone calendar for organizational purposes.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

There are so many sources available online that can help you prepare for your next trip. This list should not be seen as exhaustive but it will point you in the right direction so you can put your best foot forward. These blogs will help you organize and plan out your trip with added ease, as well as permit you to prioritize your time so that you can also enjoy yourself worry free, and remain professional and informed.