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10 Ways We Exceed our Guest’s Expectations With Every Stay

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We know that great customer service is the lynchpin of our business. But what does great customer service really mean when it comes to CorporateStays.com? What can our customers expect when they book their first stay with us? First time customers might not know this yet, but we take our guest experience seriously, it’s part of what keeps our guests coming back and what turns a client into a future brand ambassador.

There are many great reasons that our customers love working with CorporateStays.com, here are the top ten ways we continue to exceed our client’s expectations with every stay:

10. Personal Meet & Greets

Our guests love the personal touch of our meet and greets. Our clients can expect to be personally welcomed upon arrival. They feel at ease when shown that our apartments are ready for their stay.

9. Customer Service

With our quick and efficient responses to anything from a last-minute booking, a special request, or any sort of issue that might arise, our team’s excellent customer service is a large part of what keeps our guests coming back.

8. Follow up calls and emails

After check-in, our guest service agents contact clients to make sure everything is okay.  After check-out, we reach out to the guests for their final comments.  We take all feedback into serious consideration to continuously improve our exceptional service.

7. Clean Suites

Customer Service is important but cleanliness is paramount. With CorporateStays.com, guests can expect to check into impeccably clean apartments.  We pride ourselves on our housekeeping services who maintain high standard of quality for all of our apartments.

6. A Welcoming Decor

At CorporateStays.com, guests can enjoy stylishly furnished suites with all the comforts of home.  Each apartment has a sleek, modern & clean design giving guests various options when booking with us.

5. Comfort

With professional expertise, all of our apartments have hand picked, quality furniture creating an easy & livable environment. We have thought of everything from living space to working space, and anything in between.

4. Building Locations

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  Another reason our clients choose CorporateStays.com! Having made strategic selections of convenient locations, we choose our apartments with our guests needs in mind.

3. Guest Services

Our guest services team is dedicated to your well-being from meeting you at your apartment when you arrive, to handling any issues or special requests you may have.

2. On-Site Staff

As residents of high-end condominium buildings, our guests benefit from a 24hour staff security desk, maintenance & property managers who help ensure the smooth running of the building.

1. And most importantly: Our Team!

We believe the #1 reason for our team’s success is our passion for excellence.  We strive to create each guest’s experience as an exceptional one by being friendly, efficient & responsive.

We are thrilled that our customers love working with CorporateStays.com! Call us today to find out how CorporateStays.com can exceed your expectations with every stay!

-Adolphe Khoury
Guest Services & Property Quality Control Specialist