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"A CorporateStays.com furnished exective apartment will provide you and your family a comfortable, equipped, temporary residence while you look around your preferred neighborhoods and find your new home."

Projects & Consulting Teams

With the kind of fierce competition that businesses are facing today, the need of consulting and project teams has increased all over the world. Companies are no longer limited to just one geographic location but have offices across the world which often requires them to send their projects and consulting teams to different locations for extended periods of time. Because of this, the need for finding housing solutions for their teams has increased. Keeping up with these new developments, CorporateStays.com offers special housing solutions for the projects and consulting teams of companies that are travelling to different locations across Canada.
Global businesses have increased the need for special accommodation services which extend beyond the traditional hotel rooms that offer little comfort and privacy. With CorporateStays.com, your team members would be able to experience a whole new lifestyle and enjoy the comfort of home even when they are working on a project in a new city. Quite a lot of businesses choose the services that are offered by Corporate Stays over the traditional hotels because of the comforts and the amenities that we offer all of our guests.
CorporateStays.com is dedicated to make the transition of your projects and consulting team easy and as smooth as possible. Once you try the services offered by us, you would realize the difference. AtCorporateStays.com, we offer a wide range of selection of temporary housing solutions. All of our apartments are fully equipped and furnished and offer all the amenities that our guests would be used to at home. We offer concierge as well as housekeeping services so that you would not have to be worried about anything else other than focusing on your project while you are in the city.
Corporatestays.com furnished suites features:
Beautiful kitchens
fully equipped with late-market appliance and everything you need to dine at home.
Comfortable and more spacing living areas
that afford you and your family more space and privacy.
All the amenities you need for your stay,
from internet connections to laundry facilities, and much more.
Great locations in safe and convenient neighborhoods
to helptake the guesswork out of finding a new home.
At CorporateStays.com, our customer service team is very professional and friendly. Our clients would be able to contact our customer service representatives at any time of the day or night for any help that they would require. We are known throughout the industry for our high quality services. Organizations that often have to send their projects and consulting teams to other locations would find our services to be much more cost effective in comparison to hotel stays. Organizations that are looking for a housing solution for their teams that would offer them the comfort and the amenities for a long term stay at an affordable cost will find CorporateStays.com to be the best choice.
With our extensive market and industry knowledge as well as our experience, we understand the needs of travelling professionals. We are known for our customized and specialized housing solutions that cater to the needs of all types of guests. Our accommodations would completely suit the requirements of your projects and consulting teams.Contact our customer service department today for your queries and we would help you find the best housing solution for your teams. We assure our clients complete satisfaction and the best quality accommodations at all times.


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