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"A CorporateStays.com furnished exective apartment will provide you and your family a comfortable, equipped, temporary residence while you look around your preferred neighborhoods and find your new home."

Leisure Travellers

Travelling is one of the best things to do in life as it gives you the chance to experience different cultures, visit beautiful places and enjoy new experiences. There are quite a lot of leisure travellers who often travel for extended periods of time and home sickness is a part of it. While hotel rooms are what most travellers choose, these are not exactly comfortable for longer stays and neither are they cost effective. Leisure travellers in Canada no longer have to put up in small rooms without any warmth and pay exorbitant rates for it. With the services that are provided by CorporateStays.com, leisure travellers would now be able to enjoy the luxury of feeling at home even during their travels.
Travellers often miss the space and the amenities that they are used to at home. The stylish and fully furnished apartments that are offered at Corporate Stays will provide travellers a place to call home. We offer fully furnished homes and apartments, full kitchens, spacious living as well as dining spaces and bedroom spaces. If you are staying in hotel rooms, spacious suites cost a fortune which is not really a cost effective solution for all.
CorporateStays.com offers space, privacy and comfort to all of our clients. Most of our accommodations provide the kind of amenities that are only found at major hotels and resorts, like fitness centres, spas, pools etc, at a cost which is much lower than the tariffs charged at the hotels. There are plenty of options available for travellers at Corporate Stays. We offer housing solutions for solo travellers as well as families throughout Canada. Our apartments are the best choice for travellers who are planning on a longer stay in Canada. We offer monthly as well as weekly stays at our locations. We offer flexibility in payment terms and offer several choices in all budget ranges to choose from.
Corporatestays.com furnished suites features:
Beautiful kitchens
fully equipped with late-market appliance and everything you need to dine at home.
Comfortable and more spacing living areas
that afford you and your family more space and privacy.
All the amenities you need for your stay,
from internet connections to laundry facilities, and much more.
Great locations in safe and convenient neighborhoods
to helptake the guesswork out of finding a new home.
Accommodation Solutions that are better than Hotels
Hotels lack in privacy, comfort and amenities that you would want when you are travelling for a longer duration. For every traverler that has found themselves longing for the comfort of home, Corporate Stays is dedicated to finding housing solutions that create a feeling of comfort and well-being, a home away from home. You will no longer have to fight the holiday crowds at hotels or stay in cramped spaces in order to save money since the accommodations provided by CorporateStays.com are comfortable as well as cost effective. Our housing solutions are better and more comfortable than hotels for longer stays.
You would have the luxury of enjoying housekeeping services along with all the amenities that you will need to enjoy a relaxing vacation. However, you will also not have to compromise on your privacy. Whether you are travelling alone, with family or in a group, CorporateStays.com will be able to help you find housing options and apartments of all sizes and types. Contact our customer service representatives for a quote and for making reservations today and make your vacation extra special!


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