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"A CorporateStays.com furnished exective apartment will provide you and your family a comfortable, equipped, temporary residence while you look around your preferred neighborhoods and find your new home."

Employee Relocation

Companies pursuing talent outside of their own cities is becoming more and more common practice in today's global economy. Sometimes the right person for the position does not reside the same location as the job, so companies often require employees and their families to relocate. Is is also often the case that an individual might need to relocate to another city in order to explore better careet opportunities.
When relocating to another city, setting up a temporary residence can be very helpful. Having a home base while you explore your new location, find and prepare a home, and deal with all multiple of details that arise when moving can really help you on my way to feeling comfortable in your new city.
CorporateStays.com presents you with a wide selection of furnished apartments, condos, lofts, studios and suites in locations across the globe. We will help you find the perfect temporary residence in your new city right away, so that you can take your time finding your perfect permanent home. All of our furnished suites are located in nice neighbourhoods that are convenient to various important parts of the city.
Our multiluingual housing representatives will be more than happy to help you find the most convenient and ideal neighbourhood to your new place of work. Once you are set up with a fully funrinished and equipped temporary residence in a great neighbourhood, you will be free to explore your surroundings and discover what is the right location for you in the long run.
A CorporateStays.com furnished executive apartment will provide you and your family a comfortable, equipped, temporary residence while you look around your preferred neighborhoods and find your new home. Our furnished apartments come with all the amenities you'll need to feel comfortable in the interim, like fully equipped kitchens, complete with dining rooms, welcoming living areas equipped with telivisions, local phone, Internet and more, as well as convenientnextra details like in-suire laundry and access to fitness facilities and pools. Let us find the perfect space for your needs.
Corporatestays.com furnished suites features:
Beautiful kitchens
fully equipped with late-market appliance and everything you need to dine at home.
Comfortable and more spacing living areas
that afford you and your family more space and privacy.
All the amenities you need for your stay,
from internet connections to laundry facilities, and much more.
Great locations in safe and convenient neighborhoods
to helptake the guesswork out of finding a new home.
Get back to normal faster with CorporateStays.com
Our focus and our speciality is customer service and customer satisfation. Choosing CorporateStays.com for your accomodation needs mean feeling the personal touch in everything from out thoughtful designers and decorators, to our experienced and friendly booking and customer service agents. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel at home away from home faster.
About Corporatestays.com
CoporateStays.com is specialized in cost-effective corporate housing solutions for employees needing short-term accomodations for employee training, certification, further education, computer courses, extended business stays for relocation. CoporateStays.com is commited to a standard of excellence that is evident in its product, business practices and team. We maintain this high standard throughout every aspect of the company, from our handpicked collection of quality rental properties, and our experienced team, each local and international member being the best in their domain, to the partnerships we make to provide our guests with high-end services and experiences during their stay.


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