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Avalon Towers - Building

2400 W El Camino Real Silicon Valley United States
0 Reviews

The Avalon Towers offer an exciting community in Mountain View, surrounded by natural beauty and unparalleled views of Silicon Valley. High ceilings and over-sized windows open up the space, and a state-of-the-art kitchen with granite countertops, Energy Star appliances, and real maple wood cabinetry make this an upscale yet comfortable stay. The bathrooms add to the luxurious details with porcelain tubs and ceramic floors. Outside of the impressive building, enjoy the California weather by taking a dip in the sparkling swimming pool or soaking in the sun on the deck. A heated hot tub is available for more chilly nights, and a gym allows any on-the-go traveller to fit some exercise into their routine. In close proximity is Downtown Mountain View, Stanford Shopping Center, major freeways, and public transportation for a convenient and exciting trip to the city!


1 Bedroom:
$204 - $272 USD / night *
2 Bedrooms:
$222 - $295 USD / night *

* All rates are based on the minimum price, subject to availability and subject to change without notice.

The minimum number of nights for this building is 2 nights.


Whirlpool Jacuzzi
Wheelchair Access
Parking upon request
Fitness Center
Concierge Services
BBQ Area

1 Bedroom
Pet Friendly
Non Smoking
In-Suite Laundry
Hardwood Floor
Extra Linens (upon request)
Bed Linens And Towels
Air Conditioning

2 Bedrooms
Pet Friendly
Non Smoking
In-Suite Laundry
Hardwood Floor
Extra Linens (upon request)
Bed Linens And Towels
Air Conditioning


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