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This mid-century home is a modern gem in the Belmont neighborhood of Silicon Valley. Views of the San Francisco Bay and culturally rich community are perks that will be right outside your door in these convenient apartments. Fully equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and tile backsplash add a level of stylish detail to the spaces, in addition to the large windows that illuminates the apartments with natural sunlight. A step outside reveals lush trees and parks, with shopping and dining options nearby, but you'll never even need to leave the building considering the impressive amenities at your disposal. There is a fitness studio, BBQ patio, parking, and a pool that gives you a way to cool off after a long day at work. Live the life in your very own furnished apartment at The Glen!


1 Bedroom:
$193 - $257 USD / night *
2 Bedrooms:
$237 - $315 USD / night *

* All rates are based on the minimum price, subject to availability and subject to change without notice.

The minimum number of nights for this building is 2 nights.


Wheelchair Access
Sun Deck
Parking upon request
Fitness Center
Communal Terrace
BBQ Area

1 Bedroom
Private Balcony
In-Suite Laundry
High Chair (upon request)
Extra Linens (upon request)
Baby Crib (upon request)
Bed Linens And Towels

2 Bedrooms
Private Balcony
In-Suite Laundry
High Chair (upon request)
Extra Linens (upon request)
Baby Crib (upon request)
Bed Linens And Towels


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