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Portside East Pear - Building

50 Lewis Street Boston United States
0 Reviews

If you're looking for an apartment that provides incredible convenience and modern comforts, look no further than the Portside East Pier! Located literally just seconds away from the Maverick T Station (you can see it from the front of the building), you'll be perfectly situated in East Boston to get to work, local attractions, and popular shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations. Just when you thought that would be enough, the Portside East Pier also offers an amazing gym, conference room, and concierge services to cater to your every need. Better yet, it's even pet-friendly! Treat youself to only the very best when you stay at the Portside East Pier.


$129 - $199 USD / night *

* All rates are based on the minimum price, subject to availability and subject to change without notice.

The minimum number of nights for this building is 5 nights.


Sun Deck
Parking upon request
Fitness Center
Concierge Services

DVD Player
Pet Friendly
Non Smoking
In-Suite Laundry
High Chair (upon request)
Hardwood Floor
Extra Linens (upon request)
Baby Crib (upon request)
Bed Linens And Towels
Air Conditioning


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