Terms of Service


Reservations: Deposit & Payment

  • We require a deposit to hold your reservation. The amount will depend upon on the apartment being booked.
  • Payment of the security deposit and rent should be made via credit card, wire transfer, or direct deposit. For details, please see the “How to Book” section on our web site.
  • Please note that the booking will not be confirmed until CorporateStays.com has received the security deposit and you have received a confirmation email from CorporateStays.com.
  • The payment of the first month’s rent is due 15 days prior to check-in.
  • Upon Payment, the charge on your card will appear as corporatestays.com


Corporatestays.com must be notified in writing THIRTY (30) days prior to any reservation cancellation (a $250 administration fee will be deducted from the reservation deposit). If the reservation is cancelled within 30 days of arrival, the full amount of the deposit is forfeited. Early departure will not qualify for any refund on unused rental days and the security deposit will be refunded as per our normal policy after the inspection of the apartment has been completed.

Arrival & Departure

The Guest(s) are requested to vacate their Apartment no later than 10:00 am; our standard check-in time is 4:00 pm. Early/Late check-in or check-out may be possible; prior arrangements must be made, a fee may apply and is subject to availability. Any changes required by the Guest(s) concerning the departure and/or arrival time must be reported to Corporatestays.com for confirmation of availability of such change. Return or pick up of keys, passes and remotes will be made available during regular business hours. Upon request, prior arrangements can be made for return or pick up after business hours, weekends and holidays. If there is any delay in vacating the Apartment beyond the above specified time, a full day’s rental, calculated at the daily rate applicable may be charged to the Guest(s).


Bi-weekly service is included except for 1-month stays when one mid-stay clean is included.

Additional service is available upon request. Guests are responsible to clean all dishes and laundry.

Guest(s) are responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness and condition of the interior of the apartments. Upon departure, Guest(s) are expected to leave the Apartment in the same condition that was provided at arrival or be billed a minimum of $100.00 for additional cleaning costs associated with the state of the apartment. Extra housekeeping charges will apply for any Apartment that require more time than normally allocated to return the Apartment to CorporateStays.com standards. (CorporateStays.com conducts a final cleaning and inspection of each apartment upon Guest(s) departure).

Guest Registration

Guests are required to inform CorporateStays.com of the number of people staying in the apartment (adults and children). Some of our building will require formal registration with the condominium management office.

Pet Registration

Pets are only allowed where prior permission has been granted and the fee paid. Not all of our properties are pet friendly, please ask the booking agent prior to reservation. In the event of any infringement of the aforementioned obligations, CorporateStays.com at its sole discretion will be entitled to request the client to leave the apartment, and the client shall have no right to claim any type of compensation.


Our guests are expected to behave in a manner that will not cause a disturbance to or interference with the quiet enjoyment of other residents of the building.


The Guest(s) agree to indemnify Corporatestays.com against loss, injury, damage, cost, action or cause of action of any nature whatsoever caused by any of the Guest(s), Permitted Occupant(s) or of any person they invite into the Apartment. Corporatestays.com is not liable in any way for any lost, damaged or stolen items of the Guest(s) used or contained in the Apartment during the Guest(s) stay or left in the Apartment once the Guest(s) has vacated.

Our Website

While CorporateStays.com will strives to maintain accuracy and to verify details,CorporateStays.com cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise.

CorporateStays.com also reserves the right to modify information published on the site at any time including rates, descriptions and photographs. CorporateStays.com offers makes no warranty or representation about the fitness or suitability of any product or service advertised on its website.

CorporateStays.com reserves the right to update any of its terms and conditions at any time, as may be required by the company’s business policies. Emphasis is placed on all parties using the site, to undertake adequate measures to ensure that they have thoroughly read the terms and conditions. By agreeing to use this site, it is implied that any such changes are accepted by any such third party and, that any such third party agrees to comply with any such changes.

These terms do not affect consumer statutory rights.